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After an event, we always email our clients and ask for feedback.  We feel that this is so important to know what our clients have liked and if there is anything that our client has not been happy with- thankfully, as you will see from our testimonials, all our clients have loved having the Fotobox at their events as much as we have loved playing a part in their events!

We have thoroughly enjoyed every event we have been hired for, from weddings to Christmas parties and corporate events to staff appreciation celebrations, each one has been different to the next, but everyone is always so excited about our photo booths and keen to have fun.

It is amazing all the people we have had in our booths, from mums holding babies to a brides granny in her wheelchair and even some celebrities, we do our absolute best to encourage everyone at an event to have a photograph taken or create a video.

Please read our testimonials below.  If you were a guest at one of our events, we would love to hear from you too.  Just send us an email with your feedback!



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